Shelley's History

Immediately following on from this, Shelley toured Germany, Denmark and Sweden, returning in March to Norway.

At this time, their manager Barry Matheson had begun a process to get the band members permanent work residencies.  This process was looking good for the future, as at this time Shelley were the biggest draw in the country and going from strength to strength in popularity.

A major Norwegian Womens' magazine ran an article on them, and Press coverage was continuing to report the band's major success across Scandinavia.

In the summer of that year, 1968, the first and only change to the line-up took place when Andy McKechnie left the band and was replaced by Stuart Parkes.  With Stuart in the band, Winston moved back to guitar.  During this period the band began changing musical direction to a more heavy rock oriented style.

Through the summer months the band continued to tour extensively, sometimes headlining their own shows, and other times with major acts like The Yardbirds and PJ Proby, and Scandinavian stars such as Ase Kleveland.

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