Shelley's History

Settling in Jessheim during this stay, Shelley immediately began to build a big following, and the same crazy fan reaction at shows occurred, on one occasion the police having to rescue Trevor at an open air concert, where he had to run for it, away from adoring fans!

At the end of that first month both Barry and the band wanted to work together permanently.  A new agreement was made and Shelley began what would become a two-year spell based in Norway.  Everywhere the band appeared, Shelley fans from all over the country would turn up, some of them hitch-hiking hundreds of kilometres to see their heroes.

That summer they toured Germany and Sweden and played a short tour in Denmark again.

Back in Norway, they appeared with The Who and the Small Faces on major tours, and headlined their own national tour sponsored by music newspaper Pop Revyuen.  This tour included the Norwegian girl group The Playmates.  One night on this tour, in Alesund, on the west coast of Norway, after a very successful evening concert and an appearance at the local Jazz and Blues club, Shelley were refused rooms at all the local hotels - the hoteliers perhaps fearing fan problems or the reputations of English rock musicians.  The Norwegian police stepped in and gave the boys a room for the night in the cells, as long as they didnít mind being locked in!

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