Shelley's History

Dick Plant, an Eastbourne musician, had formed The Sabres, a band well known in the South, in 1960.  The band had changed its name to Shelley in 1964.  The original line up included James Hazelden, Stuart Hinchliffe and Geoff Cooper, and stayed together until 1966, when Hazelden left to be replaced by Andy McKechnie.

The new line up remained until mid 1966, when both Cooper and Hinchliffe left the band after a German tour.

The band had a contract to appear at The Hit-House in Copenhagen, Denmark, but had less than half the musicians required.  A new lineľup was recruited: Trevor Duplock joined as lead singer, Winston Weatherill came in on bass guitar and Eddy Sayer, another Brighton musician, was enlisted on drums.

The new Shelley came together with only a short time to rehearse - less than one week before departing for the Danish booking!

The band, under enormous time pressure, rehearsed frantically and put together a play-list of fifty songs.

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