Shelley's History

Shelleymania had broken out.  It was a tremendous success and set the seal on the rest of a fantastic tour, where the scenes at Rondo were repeated up and down the country wherever Shelley performed.

Shelley returned to Denmark in time for Christmas and continued to play very successful gigs across the country.  By now, the newly formed Shelley fan club were organising Shelley nights at clubs, and writing letters and petitions to the Danish press.

In the following year, Shelley continued to grow in popularity in Denmark, and as well as headlining their own shows, they would tour with and support many other acts, such as The Searchers and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.

Around April, a problem arose regarding work permission.  The Danish government, under pressure from the Danish musicians' union, decided to ban foreign bands from touring or working for more than three months in any one year.

Realising that this could be a major problem for Shelley, they made contact with Barry Matheson in Norway and fixed up a temporary one-month tour while the band looked at their options.

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