Shelley's History

After the show the band were mobbed, and two girl fans they met that night formed the Shelley fan club.

Bookings continued to pick up in Denmark as the popularity of Shelley grew.  Letters began arriving at Danish music magazines and the shows that the band played started to be top attractions.

At the beginning of November, Bendix Music made a swap agreement with a Norwegian agent, Continental Music, for a one-month tour by Shelley of Norway, with the top Norwegian band The Vanguards coming in the other direction.

At this point, Shelley in its new form had only existed for eight weeks, and already the band was beginning to build a reputation.  The next four weeks would prove to be the most exciting period any of them had known.

On arrival in Oslo, they were met in the city by a tall, tough Norwegian by the name of Knut Eng.  He was to be the band's roadie over the next month, and would prove to be not only a great asset to the band, but also a good friend.  The original road manager had returned to England during the Hit-House booking.

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