Shelley's History

The first night was in Nannestad, just near to Continental's offices and an easy start for the band.  This was just as well, because the first night ended in anti-climax when the PA system failed and the band had to abandon the show early.

At this stage, the Norwegian manager, Barry Matheson, who had brought them over, had still not seen the real Shelley, and was anxious for reports of the band's first big engagement in Oslo - at Rondo, one of the country's top rock and pop clubs.  This was the place that would decide the future of the tour, as word would spread.  As Barry said to the band at the time, one great show, and it will get around everywhere you go, before you get there.

Rondo was a spectacular success.  From the moment Shelley went on stage the audience erupted.  In the first song alone, Trevor was pulled from the stage three times by screaming girls.  Through the rest of the show, Knut and the club's security people battled to keep Trevor on stage and the girls at bay.  The audience was packed tight round the stage, standing on tables and just screaming and shouting through the whole performance.

After finishing that evening, Shelley had to fight their way to the dressing room through a sea of fans, and almost didnít make it to the waiting cars outside as one girl after another hurled herself at them.

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