Shelley's History

More concerts and tours followed, and Shelley were proving a big draw wherever they appeared.

By the winter, they were in their own fourteen-roomed home in the country, complete with a rehearsal room, and driving a Mercedes car of their own.  Their home was the centre of Shelley life away from the shows, and was often visited by other rock musicians and performers.  The Vanguards, The Pussycats and The Playmates were among the many who would pop by.

The band had also recruited a new roadie and had a van for all the equipment on the long tour journeys they were now making.  The new road manager they recruited was Pete Sayer, brother of Eddy, the drummer.

In early 68, Shelley took part in a short tour in Denmark with The Pretty Things, who seemed more interested in fighting each other than performing.  One night a major fight broke out on stage during their first and last number.

The following day Shelley returned to England on a short thirty-six hour visit.  During this time, they visited family and friends and were interviewed on Radio Brighton and for an article that would appear in the Evening Argus.

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