Shelley's History

The Shelley play-list consisted mostly of Tamla Motown and soul numbers, which, though familiar to most of the band, were new in terms of performing.  In Trevor Duplock’s case, this meant learning the words of forty unfamiliar songs in seven days!

The band left for Copenhagen, and, along with a road manager, transported all their equipment by train.  As the band travelled they continued to work on the play-list and programme they would be performing at The Hit-House.

The first night was a difficult enough prospect for the band after such a short time together, but it was made even harder when they heard themselves introduced to a packed Saturday night at The Hit-House as "the English surfing band, Shelley".  They never did find out why, but the Tamla and Soul music that followed soon put the record straight.

The following few weeks were a difficult but enjoyable period as the band ironed out all the performance issues and began to really get it together on stage.

A short visit to the island of Bornholm made a welcome break from the residency at The Hit-House, and Shelley, with its new line up, began to grab attention in Denmark.

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