Shelley's History

Towards the end of the month, it was clear that the band could look forward to more work in Denmark, but would have to survive a two week period with no income before the new gigs would materialise.  Should they go home, and perhaps run the risk of losing the work, or hang on?

They decided to stay, and spent the next two weeks sitting around in the Hotel Peters, Copenhagen.  With no money and very little food, the band literally starved themselves through to the next series of bookings, although some local Danish girls took pity on them and occasionally fed them.

In October, Shelley moved to Arhus in Jutland and began working with local agents Bendix Music, who had seen them in Copenhagen and offered them work.  Over the next few weeks, Shelley would be travelling throughout Jutland doing club gigs, dance nights and small concerts.

One particular performance would prove a turning point for the band - in mid October, Hermanís Hermits were touring, and at the last moment another band was needed for the concert.  Shelley arrived for the concert unknown to the audience and simply stole the show.  Opening the second house just before the main attraction, Shelley had the audience on their feet from the first to last note.  A music journalist wrote "The best show I have seen in a long time.  Trevor Duplock's presentation was just fantastic.  Shelley had the audience clapping, screaming and shouting for more."

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