The Giants' History

After this disappointment and the recent line-up changes, keeping the band together on a professional basis was proving a very difficult proposition.  In October the three core members decided to fold the band for a short period while suitable replacements were found for both the bass guitar and lead guitar positions.

During this short period Trevor Duplock continued to perform by fronting other bands such as The Intrigue and the System as a solo singer on a temporary basis.  John Hills also played for a short period with another band.

In December 1965 a new line up was formed as "Tony Grant & the Giants".  The new line up included the three previous members plus Mick Grimwade (a previous Giants member) on bass and Keith Hurley on lead guitar.

The band began performing live in January 1966, with the Starlight Rooms proclaiming in ads:

"The Return of Tony Grant & the Giants"



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