The Giants' History

In March and April of that year the band were booked to appear at the Star-Club, in Hamburg, Germany and in a Star-Club tour with Jerry Lee Lewis, the first rock star inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  These shows are part of rock and roll history and were a massive success.

The Star-Club tour was recorded and released in Germany later that year, as was "Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Star-Club", often referred to as 'the best live recording of the Sixties'.  Also appearing that month at the greatest rock and roll club in the world were Johnny and the Hurricanes, King Size Taylor and the Dominoes, Fats Domino, The Bobby Patrick Big Six, The Checkmates and the Nashville Teens.

The band continued to tour throughout the UK and Germany until the summer of 1964, when Bobby Sansom decided that he wanted to return to singing with big bands, and subsequently left for the USA.  The Giants, who were an act in their own right, would continue with Trevor Duplock taking over the lead vocal role.  Mick Grimwade left in September of that year and was replaced by bass player Alan Kingsbury.  The Giants changed agency at about the same time and were now represented by The Beat Ballad and Blues Agency.  This new management, led by Bob Gaitley, decided on a change of name and image for the band - they wanted Trevor Duplock to front the band as a solo singer and to bring in a keyboard player, which the Giants did.  They became "Tony Grant & The Giants".



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