The Giants' History

The Giants continued to tour extensively and to play residency nights at South Coast dance spots - The Starlight Rooms, The Mexican Hat, The Top Hat and their own Federal Blues Club in Shoreham.

However, Alan Kingsbury and Bill Smith had finally had enough of touring and decided to retire from the rock band lifestyle.  They left in April and May that year.

Once again the band had new management and a change of name.  Mike Clayton Penny had stepped in to take control of the management and promotion of the band.  On his suggestion the band became "The Tony Grant Group".

With new members Eddy Sergeant and Duncan Pratt settled in, the new management re-branded the band with the T2G logo and promoted it heavily.  The Grant Group went into the studios, this time recording at Southern Music, Denmark Street, London.  "I Canít Stop Myself", a song originally written for Dusty Springfield, was recorded over a two-day period.  The Ivy League, Donovan and Dana Gillespie came in to listen during the vocal recording tracks on the second day.



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