The T-Bones' History

The Richmond festival in August of that year was a major turning point for the band.  In September, Andy McKechnie left and was replaced by organist Keith Emerson, another South Coast musician who was playing with Brighton band John Brown’s Bodies.

Keith, together with his Hammond organ, was a great addition to the band, which was about to leave on a tour of Scotland.  A single, "Together Forever", was recorded with Emerson in the band, but never released.

Winston Weatherill and Stuart Parkes left the band towards the end of the year, leaving Gary Farr with a completely new set of T-Bones’ musicians – none of the original line up remained.

The T-Bones continued to tour and play the clubs until finally folding in the last months of 1966.  Farr went on to record solo singles and an album for Gomelsky in 1968 and '69.  Keith Emerson went on to form The Nice and eventually, super-group Emerson Lake and Palmer.  Winston Weatherill and Stuart Parkes returned to the local Brighton scene, Stuart joining up with The Urchins.  In 1966, Winston, together with Trevor Duplock, both of whom had started out in The Sapphires, joined Shelley.


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