The Sapphires' History

In November of that year at the Corn Exchange, The Sapphires gave their services free for the "Twisters’ Ball" that was organised for the charity Operation Hungerstop.  Over two thousand teenagers turned up and it was a tremendous success, with The Argus reporting a "Beatles-style queue" that stretched all along New Road and down into East Street.  The Police had to turn away hundreds of disappointed teenagers that could not get in.

The band will be best remembered, however, for the long residency they played at Brighton’s most famous club.

In the summer of '63 they were booked to play at The Starlight Rooms, Brighton’s most successful live music venue of the time.  The Sapphires, with their exciting mix of R&B and Beatles-style pop, were an instant success.  Screaming girls and a packed house shouting for more ensured they would be asked back.

Other gigs at the club quickly followed and the Starlight Rooms became the home of The Sapphires for the rest of the year.

Decca Records expressed an interest in signing the band, but the deal never materialised.


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