The Sapphires' History

The band, first formed by Trevor Duplock and Winston Weatherill in 1961, had added John Hills, Stuart Parkes and Mickey Marchant to the line-up in the early part of 1963.

The new band became known as "Mickey & The Sapphires".  The Sapphires had played regularly in clubs up and down the coast in the early part of the year, steadily building a strong and excited teenage following wherever they appeared.

Eastbourne’s Beggars Roost and Continental Coffee bar were favourite venues for the band and their fans.  On one memorable Friday night at The Beggars Roost the band played Twist and Shout ten times back to back as the audience screamed and shouted for more, finally stopping because the club had to close!

Many other performances took place that year to ever-greater acclaim; booking The Sapphires meant a sell-out crowd.

The band played the Regent Ballroom several times that year, on one occasion having to abandon the stage to the Brighton fire brigade when a fire was discovered near the below stage dressing rooms.


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