The New Barn

The New Barn opened at 75a West Street in the late summer of 1965.

The building was an old music hall and had been unused for many years.  The entrance was down a long narrow corridor that took you behind a restaurant, so the location was completely hidden from West Street.

Inside The New Barn the space was quite large and, as is the case with most music halls, the stage was at head height, which meant that everyone playing there looked down on the audience.

I don't recall much dancing in the New Barn; it didn't seem to have the right atmosphere.  Whatever the reason, it was usually very busy and amongst the many artists that appeared there was David Bowie in Davy Jones & the Lower Third, as well as the Small Faces and the John Mayall Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton on lead guitar.

In early '66 the club changed its name to club One O One and continued for a few months before closing.