The Mexican Hat

The Mexican Hat in Rowlands Road, Worthing was formerly the Plaza Ballroom.  Now it's a bingo hall.

Les Tomlin and Bob Gaitley, the owners of The Top Hat in Littlehampton and the "Beat Ballad and Blues Agency", converted it into their second "teenage nightclub" during 1962.

Local south coast bands Bobby Sansom & the Giants, Gene Coben & the Chimes and Deke Arlon & the Tremors” were all regulars at this very popular venue.

In 1963, Chris Vallins became manager of the club and the special atmosphere of the venue steadily increased its popularity both with the audiences and the acts that played there.  It was not a large room, but it could pack in five hundred dancing teenagers.

Among the big acts that played there were Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, Lulu, The Swinging Blue Jeans and Shane Fenton & the Fentones.

The club closed in 1966.