The Continental

The Club Continental was absolutely THE place to hang out in Eastbourne during the mid sixties.  Situated up a narrow staircase above the shops on the north side of Terminus Road, the place was simply never empty from opening to closing.

As well as serving an assuredly good cup of coffee, “The Cont”, as it was familiarly called, was friendly and comfortable with a well-stocked juke box and provided reliable greasy-spoon café food from noon until late.  It became a favourite haunt of local bands returning home hungry after the night’s gig and, the manager being a fan of the new-found Indian cuisine, was one of the very first places where, on lucky days, one could get a pretty authentic home-made curry!

The popularity of The Continental soared further when the beat-boom encouraged the booking of local bands on various nights of the week, on which occasions the room became so solidly packed that it would be frequently impossible to make one’s way from one side of it to the other, let alone to the single, over-subscribed toilets upstairs.


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