The Beggars Roost

In the room below, rock and R&B was the main music played in the stifling heat, but the atmosphere was fantastic!

The Sapphires played regular gigs on Fridays and Saturday nights from the summer of 1962 through to the summer of 1963.  The Sapphires were a big hit at this club and would finish the evenings to a standing ovation on many occasions.

One evening, due to the heat, Stuart Parkes, The Sapphires' bass player, decided to cool down by jumping into the sea during the break.  He went back onstage soaking wet and dripping with seawater!

On another occasion the group played "Twist & Shout" a dozen times back to back, each time the audience screaming for an another encore.

The club changed its name to The Catacomb Club in 1965 and closed later that year.

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